We apologise for not updating the website for some time, we have been having a few technical difficulties! However, Tango y Nada Mas is busier than ever and there have been some changes since we last posted in July:

Tango y Nada Mas London at The Pill Box Kitchen, E2 6GG

Tango y Nada Mas London is now on Wednesday evenings. We have been running our weekly classes for a couple of months now and it has warmed our Tango souls to have full classes every week. For now, we continue to ask people to book as a couple, but we are also helping people to find a partner whenever possible. Further information can be found on our ‘classes’ page.

London Goes Tango

We were proud to be part of London Goes Tango on Saturday 31 July at The Scoop outside City Hall. Despite the weather the afternoon was well attended and we enjoyed performing.

Festivalito de Tango Salon

We had an amazing weekend at the Tango Cotswolds event in Tewkesbury last weekend. What a great group of Tangueros/as! We enjoyed five workshops and two milongas in just two days and left feeling tired but very happy – Thank you to everyone who came and to Ann Chen who organised everything with love!

Tango y Nada Mas (London) is back!!! and we are changing days 🙂 for a trial period. Classes will now be every Tuesday at The Pill Box Kitchen, E2 6GG

Our first date back will be Tuesday 13th July and then (hopefully) every Tuesday thereafter. Tuesday 13th July: 7-8pm – Improvers/intermediate 8:15-9:15pm – Intermediate/advanced.

Limited capacity so advanced booking essential. No change of partners or flow of the ronda. Please private message us to book or email luisyelitango@gmail.com We are trying to work out the online booking system on both facebook and our website for the future.

Please note: For the first few weeks we will only operate two classes. The improvers/intermediate and the intermediate/advanced. This is mainly because we will ask everyone to book in couples, in advance. We will restart the fundamentals class as soon as we can.

We are carefully following government guidelines and for the first week, at least, there will be no flow around the class. We will then provide an update for the following week.

As we are restricted in numbers and need advanced bookings, we have had to increase the price slightly. Each class is £15 per person and £25 per person if you book two classes (so £30 for a couple for one class, or £50 for a couple for two classes).

Thank you, once again, to everyone who filled in our survey. We have looked at the results and its clear that many of you are looking forward to returning to class as soon as it is safe to do so, 88% in fact!.

60% of you told us that you don’t currently have a fixed partner but 40% do and are eager to return to Individual technique or group (fixed couples) classes. We have taken all of your comments, regarding safety, on board and were warmed with so many beautiful words of encouragement and love for Tango. We are working on returning with a couple of trial classes in the very near future.

Whilst government guidelines have become more restrictive in the last few days, the rule of 6 does not apply to dance classes as long as a thorough risk assessment has been undertaken. We have been working hard to ensure we are compliant with all the regulations, that we are Covid-19 secure and any classes we trial will start with some clear regulations and expectations for those who book. Class size will be limited, we will mark out ‘bubbles’ clearly, you will need to pre-book, be prepared to provide details for track and trace, and follow all the health & safety requirements.

Watch this space for news in the next few days of our first classes!
Elizabeth & Luis
Tango y Nada Mas

Tango, like any form of art, is not always about happiness. It is about sadness too, emotions and unfulfilled desires. That is not to say it can’t be fun and it doesn’t mean you have to suffer but if we look past the technical aspect of the dance, there is always a form of reflection, something more profound.

It’s ok to take a break

Sometimes we can threaten and kill what we love the most by forcing it to be what it is not, purely to fit circumstances, letting it be eaten by the ‘machine’ that surrounds us all. Like some kind of globalisation, through the online world, that would paint everything the same colour. Who will scratch the surface to see different colours or shades?

We don’t always have to achieve and succeed. A break, even from something that is the main ingredient and love in your life, can be good. To take time to appreciate the other aspects of our lives that Tango rarely gives us time to indulge in. We haven’t felt the need to push and force our Tango into a difference space at this time.

Why we are not running our classes online

Many of you who know us, know that we always say ‘Tango is not just a dance”. Because, from a profound philosophical perspective, Tango is a culture and almost not a dance. This may seem an unusual thing to say for some of you and it is complex for us to explain this fully. Also it is not necessary for people to agree with us or us with other people, but as we are teachers and in normal times we run regular classes, we feel we must put our perspective out there.

The world of Tango is a culture. It contains poetry, music, characters, stories, history, social etiquettes developed and changed over time….To dance Tango is one element of what is Tango and this part is about people being physically together, two people reading subtle communications between their bodies and also of the precious collective ritual of the wider group of couples/people in the class or Milonga. It is physical, it involves close contact. It is live and real and this is what creates the magic. The way we teach is about interaction and response to what happens in front of us. This cannot be done alone and, for us, not online. It is why we are not transferring our classes online.

We don’t want to see our Tango going this way as it becomes part of a greater ‘marketing machine’ that could eat Tango.

Marketing has obviously become essential and unavoidable and we are a part of this. The online world is an amazing resource of information, music, history, lyrics and videos which add to our learning about the culture and world of Tango. Ultimately though, Tango is live and physical and we are trying to remain true to what we feel. Sometimes you have to pay a high price for what you love.

To continue and to force something that doesn’t feel authentic is not always to help it flourish and we each have to follow what is right for us.

This does not mean that we are against online videos or that we will not post any videos online, we just wont run regular classes online. We always share videos of our performances or demos. Additionally there is clearly a very technical aspect to learning Tango and there are many useful exercises that can be done via online mediums during this time that will help when classes are resumed. If we do post any videos over the next month, they will focus solely on these aspects that are for individuals.

Hope you are all keeping sane and finding your own ways to keep your Tango alive.

Luis Alberto Rodriguez PredieriElizabeth Knock

Where are you Tango y Nada Mas?

Hola a todos! It’s hard to believe that its been two months without Tango for most of us and we wanted to explain, a little, our absence from the online world.

We haven’t abandoned Tango or any of you who come to our classes. We miss you all and feel very sad that we are missing so much Tango, in what was supposed to be our busiest year yet.

We have been considering the form and format of what we believe would be most valuable and genuine for us at this time.

We have not been keen to start regular online classes and are trying to avoid our Tango going in this direction as much as we can despite the economical damage that this results in. We completely respect everyone that is already teaching online, but we each have to remain true to what we feel about Tango and we will try to explain what we mean in another post.

We do, however, want to be in touch. We will post from time to time on some poetry, lyrics, orchestras, singers, musicians etc that inspire us or that we are listening to and try to share this with you. And we may film one or two videos, solely to help with some individual technique and practice at this time.

If any of our students are practicing or struggling with some aspect of their Tango at this time, please do feel free to private message us and we will aim to help you.

We also encourage you to post questions on our group page as a way to stay in contact with eachother.

We are here for you, but at the moment in a different way…. More to follow very soon we promise!

“Patience is the strength of the weak, impatience is the weakness of the strong” Immanuel Kant

11:30am to 1:30pm: 90 minute workshop plus guided practica (18 months’+ experience) on the topic of ‘Musical giros and exits from the giro’
2:00pm to 4:00pm: 90 minute workshop plus guided practica (All-levels in excess of 3 months’ experience) on the topic of ‘Smooth starts to the giro’

No need to book. No need to come with a partner. £12 per person per workshop or £20 for both workshops.

Please bring your own snacks for the break, coffee and tea provided.

More details from Cliff AT suffolktango.org.uk (to email: replace AT with @)

We have just arrived back from Buenos Aires, refreshed and ready to go! We are already well into January and we have lots of exciting plans for 2020, but we wanted to start with a short review of 2019…

We had an amazing year in 2019, filled with classes, workshops and performances and would like to thank all our students and the organisers of the groups where we are resident or visiting teachers for working with us.

In particular to K.d. Elworthy and Sue Elworthy at Tango Warwick where we continue to be resident teachers on Friday evenings. To Andy JobinLin Jobin from Tango Del Corazon in Leicester, Cliff Hoppitt, Rosemary and Amanda at Suffolk Tango Group , Nas Thantrey & Sue at Tango Derby, Mabel Gomez and Leo Acosta Tango, Tracey Acosta for inviting us to participate in Bournemouth Aires!

We said goodbye to The Water Poet in London and hello to The Pill Box Kitchen, here are a few moments from 2019.

Never got around to it? Now you can try this beautiful dance for FREE and bring a sensual new language into your life! De-stress, meet new people and enjoy the many health benefits.

Free Tango Lesson

Terms & Conditions – For new customers only in our beginners class. One free class per person. All Free classes take place on Monday evenings at 7pm in the Pill Box Kitchen, Bethnal Green E2 6HA