Class up-date

Tango Y Nada Mas, London

We have finally settled on a new home for a 3 month trial period! 


The Studio at St Luke’s Community Centre, Old Street has an amazing floor and mirrors in the room. We can hold all three classes in an evening BUT we cannot stay for a practica 🙁 We can have refreshments 😉 

Old street is much closer than you think to our old venues in Bethnal Green and Shoreditch. It is accessible by various bus routes, tube and train options.

It’s been a tough decision as we have another venue we like and which would allow us time for a practica but they only had availability on Tuesdays. As the majority of you said Wednesdays were the only day you could do, we have taken the decision to trial St Luke’s.

Please tell any non-tango friends (if you have any left :-)) that you would like to bring into the fold as we will finally have our beginners/fundamentals lessons back. We will be introducing loyalty cards/boxes again too 🙂 

We can’t wait to see you all again, we have missed the classes sooooo much! 


Elizabeth & Luis 

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