On Saturday 4th November we taught the Intermediate class at The Light and then during the Milonga we played sets of 78’s, original tango recordings.

This was very special for us to share with people. Not only do we love Tango music but all of these 78’s came from some very special people.  My first Tango 78’s were given to me by a friend who searched through old shops in Buenos Aires and carried a huge weight of them home, trying to keep them safe in his hand luggage. A precious gift indeed! Thank you Michele x

The rest of our 78’s were also gifted to us by a family member of Luis in Buenos Aires who lived around the corner from Alberto Moran! So we thank you as well Roque Cosimo and Elsa Beatriz Predieri for your generosity and all the pleasure we have already had from listening to these recordings. xxx



We were delighted to join Bury Tango on Sunday 15th October, where we taught two workshops in the afternoon and performed during the tea dance.

We would like to say a big thank you to Mick and Esme at Bury Tango for inviting us. We were surrounded by a fantastic group of people who we really enjoyed sharing our tango with. A beautiful afternoon ❤️

I never remember to take photos, but I did snap these two from one of the workshops 

On 8th October we joined Tango Cotswold for the first time. We had a beautiful afternoon and evening getting to know everyone. The Milonga was full of lovely dancers and a warm environment, with wonderful music from David Thomas, we enjoyed sharing our dance with you through our performance. A special thanks to Ann, Alan and Debbie for your invitation, all your hard work, attention to detail and hospitality.  @Tango Cotswold