About us

Tango y Nada Mas

We started Tango y Nada Mas to bring our experience of more than 30 years of dancing and teaching Argentine Tango to the UK through classes and performances which focus on improvised ‘Tango Salon’.

What is Tango Salon? It is the Tango that has always been danced in the salons of Buenos Aires. Tango originally grew as a social, improvised dance, a dance for everyone with Music as the uniting factor. For us, this is the beauty of Tango. Not the steps, or the choreography, but learning thorough basic technique through which your own Tango can flourish. No two dances will ever be the same, the beauty is in the moment. The moment you are connected with the Music and your partner and what happens through improvisation in these dances can create sublime moments, moments which keep you searching for the next.

We like to remain close to the social element in our tango, and that is why our teaching focuses on the embrace, the walk – which is the basis for everything else -, and the music without which we wouldn’t be dancing. We share our experience of dancing in the Milongas* so that those who learn with us, can also enjoy dancing in the Milongas. This is important as there many traditional ‘codigos’ (rules/etiquette) in a Milonga developed over time to ensure everyone can enjoy the experience.

Remaining true to this style of Argentine Tango, we offer Argentine Tango classes in London and elsewhere in the UK.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our Tango with you!

Luis Rodriguez & Elizabeth Knock

* What is a Milonga? – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milonga_(place)