We cannot wait to finally be in our new space this evening and start our classes and practica*.  We will be running classes in this space every Monday starting with a Beginners class at 7-8pm, Intermediates 8-9pm and then a practica 9-11pm.  Here is a little preview of our new space in action! We look forward to welcoming you to Tango y Nada Mas soon.

*New to Tango and to sure what a ‘practica’ is?  This is time to practice what you have learned in the class.  We are on hand to answer any questions and help out and its an opportunity to mix and dance with fellow students. This is a great time to work things out in a relaxed setting, it is informal and doesn’t follow the same ‘rules’ as a ‘Milonga’.  The ‘Milonga’ as explained on one of our other pages is a place where we go to dance Tango in the evenings, it is more formal and there is some basic etiquette to understand before attending your first one.  A Milonga is also one of the three dances we learn, when we learn Argentine Tango (Tango, Vals (waltz) and Milonga).  It may sound a little confusing at first, but we go through all of these things in our classes!