It’s been a while!

We apologise for not updating the website for some time, we have been having a few technical difficulties! However, Tango y Nada Mas is busier than ever and there have been some changes since we last posted in July:

Tango y Nada Mas London at The Pill Box Kitchen, E2 6GG

Tango y Nada Mas London is now on Wednesday evenings. We have been running our weekly classes for a couple of months now and it has warmed our Tango souls to have full classes every week. For now, we continue to ask people to book as a couple, but we are also helping people to find a partner whenever possible. Further information can be found on our ‘classes’ page.

London Goes Tango

We were proud to be part of London Goes Tango on Saturday 31 July at The Scoop outside City Hall. Despite the weather the afternoon was well attended and we enjoyed performing.

Festivalito de Tango Salon

We had an amazing weekend at the Tango Cotswolds event in Tewkesbury last weekend. What a great group of Tangueros/as! We enjoyed five workshops and two milongas in just two days and left feeling tired but very happy – Thank you to everyone who came and to Ann Chen who organised everything with love!

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