Where are you Tango y Nada Mas?

Where are you Tango y Nada Mas?

Hola a todos! It’s hard to believe that its been two months without Tango for most of us and we wanted to explain, a little, our absence from the online world.

We haven’t abandoned Tango or any of you who come to our classes. We miss you all and feel very sad that we are missing so much Tango, in what was supposed to be our busiest year yet.

We have been considering the form and format of what we believe would be most valuable and genuine for us at this time.

We have not been keen to start regular online classes and are trying to avoid our Tango going in this direction as much as we can despite the economical damage that this results in. We completely respect everyone that is already teaching online, but we each have to remain true to what we feel about Tango and we will try to explain what we mean in another post.

We do, however, want to be in touch. We will post from time to time on some poetry, lyrics, orchestras, singers, musicians etc that inspire us or that we are listening to and try to share this with you. And we may film one or two videos, solely to help with some individual technique and practice at this time.

If any of our students are practicing or struggling with some aspect of their Tango at this time, please do feel free to private message us and we will aim to help you.

We also encourage you to post questions on our group page as a way to stay in contact with eachother.

We are here for you, but at the moment in a different way…. More to follow very soon we promise!

“Patience is the strength of the weak, impatience is the weakness of the strong” Immanuel Kant

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